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Contact Amanda Bruckner  Amanda Bruckner Supervising Teacher
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Contact Brad Simi  Brad Simi AARC Counselor Coordinator


OHS Academic Acceleration and Recovery Center

Oceanside High School AARC Staff

Brad Simi

760.901.8305  AARC Counselor Coordinator
Amanda Bruckner 760.901.8290 Supervising Teacher
Rene Ortega  760.901.8289 Supervising Teacher
Karen Hookano 760.901.8301 Guidance Technician
Alex Parrott 760.901.8303 Computer Resource IA
Esther Navarro  760.901.8306    Community Advisor



The Oceanside High School AARC is one of three AARC programs offered in the Oceanside Unified School District that began during the 2006-2007 school year.  The AARC is an independent study-based program that gives students an alternative instructional strategy that is meant to respond to the student’s specific educational needs, interests, aptitudes and abilities.

Students, parents, and staff members may refer students to the AARC through their main campus counselor.  Once the student and parent complete an intake process with the AARC Counselor-Coordinator, a Master Agreement for Independent Study is developed, which describes the student’s educational plan and the weekly appointment day and time for which s/he will meet with his/her AARC supervising teacher.  The student is also assigned a two-hour block time for which s/he is required to attend Monday through Friday. AARC students may also concurrently be enrolled in up to three main campus courses, as well. While students in AARC have a shortened school day, they must continue their studies independently at home for four hours a day.  

The AARC supervising teacher assigns the student his/her coursework based on the courses listed in the Master Agreement.  Most of the time, the student will be assigned one course at a time and is expected to complete that course in three weeks or less.  Within this structure, the student can complete courses at his/her own pace, with the possibility of completing more coursework per semester than he/she would be able to in the regular comprehensive setting if the student is willing to put in extra effort and time.  Students who do not meet the AARC minimum achievement requirements will be referred to an alternative education option outside of Oceanside High School.

Oceanside students have a variety of goals upon entering AARC. Some of our students are credit deficient and want an opportunity to graduate on time.  With the independent study format, credit-deficient Oceanside students can do just that, when before they would have not been able to meet their requirements by their natural graduation date and would no longer have an opportunity to graduate from Oceanside High School. Many of these students go on to graduate on time because they are able to accelerate their credits in the AARC through intensive effort and individually paced achievement.  

Those AARC students who do not meet all requirements by their normal graduation date are allowed to continue enrollment into a 5th year and are able to be enrolled until their 21st birthday.  The AARC student population also includes students who are not credit deficient, but who prefer the AARC setting and independent study format or who need flexibility within their school day due to a variety of personal situations, including those that work full-time or care for sick relatives.  In increasing numbers over the years, the AARC has enrolled students who want to accelerate their graduation date and begin college early. The AARC curriculum is the same standards-based course of study used in classrooms in the comprehensive high school setting and AARC courses are A-G approved. *although A-G approved courses offered in the AARC program are not NCAA approved. 

For more information, please contact your child’s counselor or you can also call the OHS-AARC program at 760-901-8301.


Oceanside Unified School District Course of Study

English, to include 9,10,11 and 12

40 Credits

Math, to include Math II

30 Credits

History/Social Studies

30 Credits


20 Credits

World Language

20 Credits

Fine/Performing Arts

10 Credits

Physical Education

20 Credits

General Electives

40 Credits

 College Prep Electives

10 Credits


220 Total