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Standby Wait List

If you really want to learn these high power creative career skills and want to take these classes please email the teacher and your counselor TODAY and ask to have your class changed.

It is best to meet with the teacher into whose class you want to transfer and explain why you want to transfer in and what you want to learn. Be prepared to communicate to the teacher that you are ready, willing and able to do the assignments.

Mr. Ruez, Mr. Zimmerman or Mr. Moodie will put your name on his Standby Wait List.

Email Links:

Mr. Ruez   
Mr. Zimmerman 
Mr. Moodie

Photo & 3D Meet the Instructor

Drawing from over 30 years of on-the-job practical experience, instructing tomorrow’s work force is a challenge and privilege I enjoy. My teaching experience began in the corporate sector and over the last 19 years I have taught at Vista Adult School, Palomar College and this is my 17th year at OHS. During the school years of  2007-2008 and 2011-2012 I was awarded the Distinguished Teacher Award from The San Diego County and Imperial Valley California Association of Regional Occupational Centers and Programs. In 2013 and 2014 I received the San Diego County Fair’s Outstanding Teacher Award. Prior to teaching, my work in graphics and community relations has been recognized and honored by Members of Congress and the Senior Enlisted of each branch of service. My military experience includes serving as a correspondent photographer in South East Asia and my college training gives me additional skills in graphic/digital communications, photography, human relations, etc. My college degree is in Vocational Education and I have earned my Masters in Education Administration. I write, present and consult on the subject of Work Place Skills. My motivation is the field of Conflict Resolution and my desire to practice and teach Conscious Decision Making has roots in my Vietnam experiences (221st Sig Co) where I further developed my photography and realized the need for finding and teaching more compassionate and creative ways and means of settling our differences.

Mr. Paul Ruez


The Digital Studio


Photographic Imaging & 3D Animation

3D Computer Animation


TV / video Communications

ROP Promotional TV Vidio

Photographic Imaging

Mr. Justin Moodie received a BA in Art Studio (2004) at UC Santa Barbara, soon followed by a Masters degree in Education (2006). In June of 2005, Justin received his teaching credentials from the state of California and has been teaching secondary level Arts, Media, and Technology ever since. During the summer of 2011, Justin collaborated with educators in China to develop cross-cultural curricula through a Fullbright-Hays fellowship. In 2013, Justin earned the honor of being recognized as a National Board Certified Teacher while teaching as an expat in Ciudad de México D.F. Last year, Justin earned his Administrative Services credential and completed an M.A. in Educational Leadership at UC Berkeley (2017), with a focus on Social Justice. Most recently, Justin served with the CA Department of Education to create the new state standards for Visual and Performing Arts. Justin currently lives with his family in San Diego, CA.

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Be a TA / Peer Tutor - Get FREE Graduation Photos & more...

This is powerful experience to have on your resume. People who work as my Administrative Assistant (TA) / Peer Tutor, receive a free copy of their Graduation Photos DVD - I take the candid shots each year - AND a customized Professional Letter of Reference*.... plus VALUABLE experience.

Working in the Digital Studio as my Administrative Assistant combines the experiences of being a TA and Peer Tutor and much more.

Previously called TA's, Peer Tutors help the students with assignments and learn valuable administrative skills managing some of the paper work and technology connected with running a class. This is a super opportunity to work with your friends and continue learning Photography or Animation. When I worked in the corporate world we called this position an "Administrative Assistant."


If you, friends or others would like to learn these skills and receive the other benefits (Graduation Photos) please let me know now. Your time in this position = Elective Credits.


Peer Tutoring with me is  similar to working as an executive assistant intern in the business world.
As a Peer Tutor you learn and exercise skills in these areas:

Work Ethic, People skills, Conflict Resolution, Mentoring

Bookkeeping, Accountability, Organization, Promptness
Communication, Protocol… And more


If you know qualified students who might be interested please contact me now.


*Your Professional Letter of Reference is written to introduce you and your growing skills as an Executive Management level Intern Candidate possessing knowledge and experience as a self starter and reliable team player with the people skills needed to make a positive contribution to the academic and employment positions you seek. You also receive my personal home contact information to assist you and potential employers in following up and supporting your academic and employment searches.

Be A Teacher's Helper

This position is open to former students, students who are out of school early, parents and others. See or email Mr. Ruez

Contact Justin Moodie  Justin Moodie Teacher
Contact Paul Ruez  Paul Ruez (760) 901-8200 ex: 8257 Teacher Photography, Animation & Graphics
Contact Frank Zimmerman  Frank Zimmerman ex: 8258 Teacher/AVCOM
The Digital Studio Locker

Video - TV Meet the instructor

I have called Oceanside High School my school for the past 29 years and I am proud to be a Pirate! I first walked onto the OHS campus in 1982-83 as a freshman student.  My first year after graduating in 1986, I returned as an assistant soccer coach while playing at MiraCosta College. I later transferred to San Diego State University earning a degree in Vocational Education.

My teaching experience began in the corporate sector while I worked in the music industry as a song writer, producer & music video remixer.  Publishing houses contracted me to teach other song writers how to use technology.  All along, I was taking three months out of the year to coach at Oceanside HS.  When I started my family, I left the music industry to work full time at Oceanside HS running the Media Services Department, and teaching TV/Video Communications (Now TV, Film & Digital Media) which I have been doing for the past 13 years.

During that time, I have been fortunate to be an OHS Teacher/Staff of the Year Finalist five times, winning the award once. More importantly, my students have won numerous awards at various competitions including the BestFest Student Film Festival and San Diego Fair. 

Most of all, I enjoy working with young people.  As a former Pirate student myself and having grown up in this community, I want to help them achieve to their potential.


Mr. Frank Zimmerman