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Dropping Off & Picking Up Students

With 2300 students, traffic around the school snarl pretty quickly.  This is especially true right before school starts and right after it ends.  Want to skip the traffic?  The best strategy is to drop off 20-30 minutes early and pick up about 15 minutes after school ends.  IMPORTANT:  If you do choose to pick your student up 15 or more minutes after school, it is safest to have them wait for you in the Pirates Cove drop off area illustrated in the image on the top right.

Using Pirates Cove for Drop Off & Pick-Up

The image on the top right portrays the vehicle route and drop off area in the parking lot at Pirates Cove.  To maximize the flow of traffic through the parking lot, please follow the guidelines listed on the image.  To avoid most of the traffic related to drop off and pick up, consider using the route outlined on the map at the bottom right of this page.

The Route Less Traveled

Very few people use the Drop Off Area on Horne Street just south of Topeka Street.  By driving a little farther, most people using this route for drop off and pick up find that they get in and out faster than if they'd used another drop off point.  See the map on the bottom right for more details.

What's Not Recommended

We strongly advise parents not to make arrangements to pick up their child at Mission Square Shopping Center.  The school and the Oceanside Police Department have received a high number of calls related to fights and disturbances there during the first hour after school is dismissed.  To ensure the safety of your son or daughter, please arrange to pick them up from school in one of the two supervised areas described on this page.


Pirates Cove Drop Off & Pick Up
Pirates Cove Drop Off & Pick Up
Drop Off & Pick Up at Horne Street
Drop Off & Pick Up at Horne Street