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PE Modification Form

PE modification/Medical excuse form for students to take to doctor’s offices when they are injured or going to be out of PE for 3 weeks or more.

Physical Education Locker




The Oceanside Physical Education Department is very passionate about providing all of our students with a comprehensive fitness program that will give students the tools and knowledge to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We want our students to understand that this can make a vital difference in their lives-a difference that can impact their wellness for a lifetime. Physical Education provides a unique opportunity for students to learn through experiencing movement, therefore it is important for students to engage themselves in their learning.



The OHS School PE uniform consists of a t-shirt ($10) and shorts ($15). If you would like to purchase both a shirt and shorts, total cost is $25 from the ASB office.  The other option is to wear plain black shorts, a plain white T-shirt, athletic socks and close toed tennis shoes.  Sweats must be worn over PE clothes (black, white, green, gray), not over school clothes.



  1. You must provide your own sturdy lock with a combination. This can be purchased from the Student Store for $6 if you choose or purchased on your own.  No key locks are allowed.
  2. You will be assigned a locker for your clothes. Do not use it to store valuables or large amounts of money.
  3. Use long lockers only during your P.E. class (period use only).
  4. Locks left on long lockers or on another student’s locker will be removed.
  5. Please do not slam, bang or stand on the lockers.
  6. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.



  1. You are expected to be inside the locker room when the tardy bell rings.  The school tardy policy will be in effect.
  2. You will have 7 minutes to dress in your P.E clothes and move to the blacktop and be seated on your roll call number waiting for your instructor. You are tardy if not properly seated.
  3. You will be given 7 minutes to shower or dress at the end of the period.
  4. Wait for the bell to ring at the end of each period before leaving class.
  5. Boys are to wait behind the red line outside of the boys’ locker room and girls are to wait behind the gate located in front of girls’ locker room.



  1. Safe, responsible behavior is expected at all times.
  2. Glass, food, beverages, and gum are not allowed.
  3. Never leave your belongings unattended.
  4. Follow P.E. office rules and procedures.
  5. The bathroom must be kept clean of trash and vandalism.  Misuse will result in its closure.
  6. Students are not allowed to use facility and equipment without a teacher present.
  7. The locker room will be locked during break, lunch, and after school unless in use by school personnel.
  8. Gum and cell phones are not to be used during class time.  Please leave them locked in your locker.



  1. Physical education is, essentially, an activity class. You will be expected to give your best effort in all class activities.
  2. Acceptable participation will be defined as an honest attempt to meet the class goals. Promptness, dress, behavior, effort and attendance will count toward your daily participation.
  3. Non- Suits will participate fully with all class activities.  Students will receive half –credit (2 points.)  Students who refuse to participate will receive no credit.



  1. If you are unable to participate, prior to class, please obtain a P.E. medical excuse from the health office by bringing a written note signed by your parent or doctor.
  2. You will be required to dress out at the discretion of your P.E. teacher.
  3. Any medical excuses for more than 3 days must come from a doctor. A medical condition requiring extended rehabilitation can result in student being transferred out of P.E. class.
  4. Report any injuries to your instructor immediately.
  5. Medical excuses must be made up for credit (ask your PE teacher.)



  1. Ask your PE teacher for your individualized PE make-up.
  2. All absences and medicals must be made up in order to receive PE credits.



Students are required to pass 20 credits of P.E. to graduate from Oceanside High School. Of those 20 credits, the Applied Fitness Concepts (AFC) course must be completed.  Students who do not pass 5 of the 6 state fitness tests will be required to continue taking PE courses.



1ST Non-Suit- There will be student/teacher conference.

                        Parent contact will be made via Parent Link.

2nd Non-Suit- There will be a student/teacher conference.

                        Parent contact will be made via Parent Link.

3rd Non-Suit-  There will be a student/teacher conference.

                        Parent contact will be made via Parent Link.

4th Non-Suit-  Teacher will make a phone call or send an e-mail to speak with parent.

Student will be assigned a lunch detention on the following day and parent will be notified of this consequence.

5 or more Non-Suit’s-Teacher will request an Administrator conference with student.

An Administrator will assign a consequence for defiance to dress.


  1. You will start out with an A in class… it is up to YOU to either maintain that A or drop to a lower grade.
  2. You must be dressed in proper P.E. clothing to receive full credit.
  3. Grades are determined by points. Each school day is worth +4 points.  Quality/Standards based grade: System determined by instructor and course.

3.    Participation Grade: Points are given for the following reasons:

  • Non-suit with full participation =+2 points per day 
  • Full participation/Meeting all Essential Standards= + 4 points per day
  • Excused Absences= -4 points per day (these points can be made up with your PE teacher)

A= 90-100      B= -80-89      C= 70-88        D= 69-60        F= 59 or below


Oceanside High School
Contact Kristi Benson-Clark  Kristi Benson-Clark (760) 901-8200 ex: 8394 PE Teacher / Department Chair
Contact Rick Gerardi  Rick Gerardi PE Teacher/ Weight Training
Contact Jesse Guillen  Jesse Guillen Teacher / Cross Country & Track Coach
Contact Jessica Haugen  Jessica Haugen Physical Education Teacher & Department Chair
Contact David Rodriguez  David Rodriguez Teacher / Head Football Coach
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