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"-One young applicant bragged to me that he only missed nine school days in a year. He was astonished to learn that employers would consider this unacceptable. Teens and some parents are not realistic about employer's standards on attendance and punctuality.
-Employers feel schools have become too lax regarding authority. Bosses expect workers to do it their way.
-Smaller workplaces are likely to be not well-advanced technologically. Parents, be sure your teen is able to make change and add and subtract in his head.
-Teens filled 960,000 jobs during the summer of 2010. This Bureau of Labor statistic is the lowest level of teen hiring since 1949. The word is out that competition for jobs will be significant. Where should teens look?"

Success Tips

Adversity is like a muscle ... exercise it

Step up the to plate... ADVERSITY is there for a reason. It is a very valuable and necessary step along lifes many pathways to living a more successful and compassionate personal, academic and professional life.

This article speaks very directly and strongly to the necessity and value of adversity in life. Treat it as a gift, build your strength and enjoy a more successful life.

Learn why adversity is necessary.

Study the people who become financially and personally successful in life and you will find... they applied knowledge they learned from people who were more knowledgable and already successful!

In this section you will find hints, tips, directions, etc. for ways and means to accomplish your goals so you can meet your needs without hurting yourself or other people.

7-Minute solution - Speak Easy Now

"Who hasn’t stumbled through a ­presentation or flubbed a key point when the boss was listening? Overcome your public speaking jitters with these tips from top communication coach Bill Hoogterp of Blue Planet Training." Parade Magazine has more to the story.



He was young and untested. He went to the "wrong school. He was fired twice. How basketball sensation Jeremy Lin drove past the naysayers to land his dream job... by Dawn Klingensmith, CTW Features 3/11/12 North County Times Read the whole story here.

Feel better now!

The Case for Breakfast
From Parade Magazine 8-21-11

Recent grads get failing grades in minding their professional manners

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"Jobseekers who take measures to counteract negative perceptions of their generation’s work habits will have the brightest prospects of all, said David Polk, a behavioral sciences professor at York College of Pennsylvania.

That recent grads bring to the workforce an outsized sense of entitlement — expecting rewards without putting in the effort — is the chief complaint against them, Polk said. His research on behalf of the college’s Center for Professional Excellence has shown for two straight years that young workers’ professionalism is “less-than-desired.”

Two other “common and troubling” deficits are in accepting personal responsibility for decisions and actions and being open to criticism, Polk said."


Feed Your Head

For those into music from the late 60's and 70's you may recognize the above title from lyrics in a Jefferson Airplane song. But bringing this important subject up to our era of scientific understanding it has a very urgent message for us today. What you choose to put into your body will change how your body operates!

If you put sand into the gears of a precision motor, that motor will not work the way it was built to work. The same is true with us and the food and thoughts we choose to put in our minds and bodies.

There is tons of scientific research to support this statement and the following is just one of many examples. This is an article posted to msn and while it talks about feeding your "Child" and "ADHS" the fact is, it applies to all of us at all ages. And whether or not you have been formally labeled as ADHD you and the rest of us battle our distractions every moment and need all the help and support we can get to discipline our minds and stay focused on the tasks we need to deal with.

Read the article and make conscious choices about what you put into your body. Remember, putting sand into the gears of your motor will cause problems. Proper nutrition will help your body and mind have fewer problems.

5 Foods to Feed Your Child With ADHD—and 5 to Avoid
Nutrition choices that may help or worsen symptoms of ADHD. Content provided by: msn

Support Centers at OHS - Breakfast Club

Powerful Message ... click to watch:

This video was brought to you by the Pirates for Change club at Oceanside High. Our goal is to inform students that Oceanside High offers services to help them when they feel they need it. We strongly encourage students to seek out these awesome programs to help themselves through their struggles, whatever they may be. This video was inspired by the original Breakfast Club film to show that Oceanside Pirates are similar to each other in one way or another. We are a Pirate family.

Making Money… some initial thoughts

Always watch for ways to earn money because you need it to pay rent, car payments, take that special someone on that special trip, pay for your food, buy a house, etc.

If it has not yet happened, it probably will: You will be invited to get in on a ‘ground floor’ opportunity to make LOTS of money. Here is a very important truth to remember…if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When you hear the words “ground floor opportunity,” if you are interested, listen very carefully but be careful. Always ask: How and when do I get paid? Does it cost me anything? This includes money, time and energy. If it really sounds good to you, before you invest in it, see the ‘books.’ At least see audited Profit and Loss Statements. These are legal documents and if they are not available to you… you might want to walk away. Audited means that the math and other data have been checked according to accepted bookkeeping standards and rules for accuracy, truthfulness, etc.

Getting paid should be simple, right? Not always. Your friend’s rock band is performing a few times a month and is expecting the “big break” that will make it the next Doors, Beatles, etc. Could happen, sure it could but how do you get paid now and in the future? You made the very popular circle logo (that you learned in your Photoshop class) that is starting to appear on the posters, mailers, websites, T-shirts, etc. Your musical friends want you to make more, but all they have paid you so far is 50 bucks here and there but not the “big bucks,” yet.

This is over simplified but to protect all involved (including the friendship) a written agreement is essential (see, take a business class at the junior college, etc.). This agreement states when you get paid and how much. It also looks to the future and states, as the band (or individual members) make more money, how and when you will get paid. Think of it this way, had the college student known this when she designed the Nike logo for just a few dollars, she would have earned much more money than she did.

As in most businesses, the effort of the band members will evolve and some may make it and other members will get on with their lives in different directions. For the one vocalist, guitarist, drummer, etc. who does make it… you helped launch that career. You invested your creative energies and time in that person’s success. This is similar to you investing in Apple Corporation Corporation by buying Apple stock when it was selling for $13 per share. Look at what Apple stock is costing today and you can see that you would have made a load of money. When your band member friend starts making money, you are entitled to some of it because you invested in their success and that was the agreement. If the relationship is based on any true value, putting this agreement in writing before the money starts rolling in will be an enjoyable process. Trying to do it after the money starts coming in will probably not be so enjoyable.

For those of you who go to work with small (and large) companies you may be offered pay in the form of something called stock options. This “option” gives you the legal right to buy the company’s stock at an agreed upon (lower) price. Be careful (again) because some employers will try to avoid paying you actual money by offering stock options. This could be a good deal. As an example, in the earlier days of Qualcom (cell phone technology) employees made millions of dollars by “exercising” their Qualcomm stock options. This means they converted the option into actual company stock at the agreed upon price which was less than the stock was selling for at the time. Before agreeing to accept stock options as pay, again, see the “books” and make sure the company actually has value. Having value means that they are actually selling something and making more money than they are spending… not just looking good on paper. If the company is a “gamble” that you truly believe in, consider taking a percentage of your pay in stock options. This way you make some actual cash and if the company really does hit that grand slam home run, then you make more money! If the company fails, at least you got paid. To just take all or most of your pay in stock options is gambling with your personal time and energy which you cannot get back.  If the company starts missing pay periods or delaying paying you, this is a big red warning sign. This is especially true when they are paying other people but not you.

The bottom line:Keep your resume, cover letter and portfolio current and always be looking for other opportunities. Keep learning and protect your credit. Debt is like taking drugs and getting hooked on other addictive behaviors, it creates a larger and larger death-pit that you will need help to get out of. Get a used car, shop at the resale stores, budget your time and money so you can save (even a little) every month. Grow what food you can, learn about nutrition and exercise to stay healthy. Learn what makes people successful. History proves that they associate with people who know more than they do… so, hang out with people who are already doing some of this successfully – hang out with people who are clueless in these areas, and you also will be pulled into that vicious no-win behavior cycle. It’s your choice. Protect your reputation: Be known as a trustworthy person who keeps his or her word and does more than what they are asked. Be the person who shows up early and comes up with ways of getting the job done faster and better. Your reputation is like money in the bank. Increase it and protect it. Yes, the party animal will be popular but this popularity has a very short life span and has a negative impact on your worth as a trusted and valued member of the business team and family unit. If you are already slipping into a behavior death-pit, get help because your life depends on it.

You attract what you put out, so choose your thoughts, actions and friends very carefully because with these choices, you are writing the script that is determining how the rest of your life goes.

By: Paul Ruez, Oceanside High School, Career Technical Education Teacher  4-15-12

Paul Ruez ( Digital Studio )

The Interview: Make or Break Time

First impressions are not only lasting, but they are determined in a flash — less than five seconds. For sure, five minutes is all you have to score a hit in the job interview. What are the keys? 
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By Bob Lankard Published in the North County Times 3-11-12

Jobs For Teens - TIPS

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"--- Take a fact sheet with you. The fact sheet will help you complete a company application. It should include names and addresses of references, schools attended and any previous employers.
--- Be flexible. Retail stores, restaurants and amusement parks will want you to be available evenings and weekends. "But that's when I want off," you may protest. But the teenager with the greatest availability will get the job.
--- Be persistent. Call back to places where you have applied just to tell them that you are still interested.
--- Dealing with nos. Rejection is hard, especially for the first-time job seeker. Job hunting is a numbers game.
After so many nos there will be a yes."

NOTE: OHS Career Technical Education (ROP) Classes and others teach resume writing. Ask your teachers for help in keeping your resume up to date and accurate.

Home Front Pressures - Job Loss

Do you ever wonder how you can 'stay on task' ... do your homework, improve or keep good grades, be on time and all those other things? Especially when you are fighting the drama of issues on the home front like parents or guardians who have problems like JOB LOSS!  Read the linked article from Parade Magazine titled: My good Life After Being Fired by Lee Child.

Job loss happens and we all need to be prepared. Following the theme of this section, one way to be prepared is to know what other people have done to survive job loss. Read teh article to learn how one person played the game and won.