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Off Campus Passes

A note received in the morning rather than a phone call to release a student is the best assurance that your student will be ready when you need to leave. Please call at least 2 hours ahead to release a student early. We prefer notes but if you leave a phone message please speak slowly and clearly.

Friday’s are especially busy. Please plan ahead. Also, if you are calling an off campus pass on a Friday, expect delays.

In the morning please provide your student with a detailed note or come in to the office. Please come inside if your departure is urgent.

Oceanside High School is a closed campus. Students must remain on campus to eat their lunch due to safety concerns. If you wish to have lunch with your student, however, please come inside the attendance office so that we may verify your identity.

Sample phone call to dismiss a student early: “My student ______needs to leave campus at (today’s date and time) because (state reason such as a medical appointment , family emergency, or court).

My student will:

Walk, Drive or, Meet me at

  • The cove on mission Ave.
  • Horne St

Absence Policy

Excused absences: Illness, medical appointments, court appearances, funeral services, religious services. (Each student is entitled to 3 personal days per year.) Please clear absences within 5 days.

Unexcused absences: Babysitting, vacations, absences due to illness after 10 days without a note from a medical professional

Truancy: Unverified absence

Extended absences: Non medical absences beyond 10 days may result in your student being dropped

SARB: Students with poor attendance may be sent before the School Attendance Review Board and/or law enforcement to be informed of additional consequences

Make-up work: Students are allowed to make up tests and work when absences are excused. It is up to a teacher's discretion if they will allow make up tests and work when absences are not excused.

Attendance FAQ

How can I reach the attendance office?
If you would like to contact the attendance office regarding an absence please call 760-901-8202 or email
attendance.ohs@oside.usIf no one answers, please listen to the entire message. You will have a chance to leave your message once the message ends. We check messages several times throughout the day. As you state the name, reason, and date of the absence be sure to speak slowly and clearly. We are able to clear most messages unless we cannot hear or understand the message. Also, please be sure to use the entire last name of the student as it appears on the birth certificate. The student may also bring a note the day that he or she returns. Contact the office within 5 days of an absence in order to clear it. We are allowed to clear 3 consecutive days without a medical note. On the fourth consecutive day we will need a medical note to clear the absence.

How do get my student out of class during the school day?
To obtain an off campus pass for an appointment please send a send a note or call ahead with the following information: Name of the student. Your name and relation to the student. The time the student needs to be released. How the student is leaving campus and or where he or she needs to meet you. Also, include the reason such as medical or dental. (Keep in mind that it can be difficult to get passes to students during the last 15 minutes of the day. There may also be a delay if students are in P.E.)

How do I get a message to my student?
To avoid disrupting classrooms, we strongly encourage you to communicate with students before school begins. If you need to contact a student, we will do our best to reach them

May I drop off lunch or Starbucks to my student?
Dropping off lunches or treats should be the rare exception. The office and attendance office are very busy places. Please respect our time.

Can students leave campus for lunch?
Please remember that Oceanside is a closed campus. We know there will be times when students will need to be released early for appointments or for other reasons. Students should not be called out for lunch off campus.

Can my 18-year-old sign out early from school?
Adult students must have an authorized adult contact the attendance office to leave campus before dismissal.

Can I get permission from the school to extend vacation?

Please plan ahead for vacations. Make sure flights depart and return during school vacation. By limiting time off to vacation days on our school calendar you reduce the chance of receiving letters from the School Attendance Review Board. Extended vacations will be considered unexcused absences. Teachers are not required to allow students to make-up assignments or tests which may have a negative impact on credits received toward graduation.

What can I do if my student says a teacher marked a single period absence?
Please have the teacher contact the attendance office to verify a student’s attendance in class.

Reporting Your Student's Absence

How do I report a student’s absence?

An authorized adult may either call the school at 760-901-8200, email, or send a signed note to attendance.  (Note that the new district policy allows 5 days to report an absence.)

If no one is available to answer your call, please leave a message. Be sure to speak slowly and clearly. Remember to include the following:

  • Name of student -- using the student’s full legal last name
  • Reason for the absence
  • Dates of the absence

Sample phone call to report an absence: 

“MY student ________ is out today (date) due to (state reason such as illness, medical appointment, or driver’s education exam)."

For all other matters you can reach the attendance office at 760-901-8202 or  

Tardy Policy

Pirate Pride means punctuality. The bell rings at 7:30 am. Students will be marked tardy at this time and will be given a hand delivered slip for lunch detention from security.

Lunch Detention lasts 15 minutes allowing 15 minutes for lunch. If students choose not to attend they will be assigned 30 minutes of after school detention.

Examples of excused tardies include any note from a medical professional. Students should report to attendance upon return to clear their excused tardies.

Examples of unexcused tardies include losing keys, being held up in the Starbuck’s line, getting the dog back in the house, stopping at the store for items to use for projects, or missing the city bus.

During 1st period students should come to attendance for a tardy slip.