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PE Modification Form

PE modification/Medical excuse form for students to take to doctor’s offices when they are injured or going to be out of PE for THREE weeks or more.

Health Office

Healthy Students Learn Better

The Health Office Staff consists of a Health Clerk who assists students with any medical need under the supervision of the assigned Registered Nurse.   


I. Immunizations   

            The California School Immunization Law requires that children under the age of 18 be up-to-date on their immunizations (shots) in order to attend school.

II. Field Trip Forms                                             

            Students going on field trips must have on file in the office a completed

            Form # 9-603 “Medical Information Release Form for Extra/Co-Curricular Activities–Field Trips."  A  copy should be on file in the Health Office and a copy should accompany the student on the field trip.

III. The Procedure for Medication at School

            Medication Permission form HS-22 must be filled out b y doctor and parent before "Over the Counter" or "Prescription" medication can be dispensed.

            Provisions will be made for students who take medication at school to stay on their medication regimen while on a field trip.

IV. Orthopedic Protocol                              

            All ace wraps, braces, splints, casts, and, crutches must have a note from a medical provider. Students with casts and crutches will not be allowed to actively participate in P.E. activities because of the potential danger to the student and others.

            Student Accommodations for orthopedic injuries include:     

                        1. Use of Crutches as prescribed by physician

                        2. Extra Time at Passing Period

                        3. P.E. Excuses

                        4. Elevator Passes

V. Should You Send Your Child to School?

            If you have to make a decision “Do I send my child to school today?” Please use the guidelines provided by the Oceanside Unified School District to help make that decision. In summary it reads:

            1. No fever for 24 hours without the assistance of medication.

            2. No vomiting for 24 hours.

            3. No diarrhea for 24 hours.

For more detailed information, please pick up a copy of the Form # 9-681 “Health and Safety Guidelines” from the Health Office at School.


Our desire is to ensure that our students are provided with the care and resources that they need to function well at school.           

Contact Us

To call the nurse's office:


Contact Evern Mosely  Evern Mosely (760) 901-8200 ex: 8221 Health Clerk