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Reading is Freedom / Leer es Libertad

#OwnVoice books

What is an #OwnVoice book? When a person from a culture or community writes about that culture/community, it is considered #OwnVoice. For example, Angie Thomas's The Hate You Give is a novel by a Black woman about the Black community. The books are still fiction, but the experience of the community is presented from the experience of the author.

However, many of the books still have themes that apply to everyone - who doesn't have friend trouble, or problems with their parents? Who doesn't like that cute guy or girl in 3rd period? That's why almost all of these books fit into the Realistic genre - because they deal with "real" issues that people face, both from these cultures and from, on this list, the Young Adult perspective.

Because they are "Realistic" novels, they deal with some heavy, current issues. As always, consider your personal values when choosing a book to read.

Our new principal, Dr. V., has at least one copy of each of these books! Which one would YOU like to read? 

Click on the picture of the book cover to learn about each novel!

Check out these books and more at the Reading is Freedom Google Site

Analee in Real LifeCinderella is Dead Clap When You LandIn the Footsteps of Crazy HorseI Am Not Your Perfect Mexican DaughterNot So Pure and SimplePatron Saints of NothingSlay

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